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@solene Hi! OpenBSD is written mainly in C, right? Do you know a good, free C course for beginners? I’d like to move my first steps into this language. Not for work, just for fun and curiosity. Thx in advance!

instead of for typesetting? Hmm. Seems nice. Similar to TeX but perhaps lighter. And supports Unicode! Gotta try.

I need to find another IME for .
I now use ibus-anthy, but sometimes it’s really slow to start, if it even does, or doesn’t write in Japanese even if the window is active.
I tried fcitx-anthy but wasn’t able to run it.
Maybe canna-server + kinput2?

On American police; this is very credible and resonates with every bad encounter I have ever had with the police.

Ok, so:
- outputs Unicode PDF but is limited for me (suitable for man pages, not general typesetting)
- no success with nor Heirloom

I turned to . Nice, quite fast, manages Unicode. Just need to learn how to customize the layout.

Probably I can safely remove .

Anyway, really would like to use groff, or mandoc also for general typesetting (which unfortunately is not its declarated purpose).

No way. is great but does not support Unicode so I can’t write my .ps files in Japanese. Had also problems with Heirloom-doctools, which should have supported Unicode.😭
Does anyone have another LIGHTWEIGHT solution to generate PDF files?

Ashibiki no

Terzo appuntamento con gli Hyakunin Isshu (Cento Persone, Una Poesia Ciascuno)

Una Poesia di Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, poeta alla Corte dell’imperatrice Jitō -- l'autrice della seconda waka!

Il tema, questa volta, *l'Amore*.

あしびきの Ashibiki no
山鳥の尾の yamadori no o no
しだり尾の shidari o no
ながながし夜を naganagashi yo wo
ひとりかも寝む hitori ka mo nen

Come la coda
di un fagiano
di montagna
Così lunga la notte
che dormirò da solo?

(tr. e informazioni di Antonio Frecentese)

Questo brano utilizza oboe, glockenspiel, arpa, batteria e flauto uduhachi.

Vedi anche il mio [qui](


Una playlist con i miei Grundgestalt ispirati agli Hyakunin Isshu è su

Ok, time for a new question.

I’m looking for a lightweight alternative to XeLaTeX for writing PDF files. Mandoc is in -base but I’m afraid it doesn’t offer many features comparing to the tool it was intended to replace, i.e. groff. Probably groff be a better alternative, but would I be able to change page layout as with LaTeX? Use Unicode characters (Japanese)?

@claudiom Err... Would you explain me please what “tzaf” and “tzag” are?😅 Thx!

Does someone use the log console which fires up when you launch X?

E comunque mc non è poi male, anzi. Anche se mi piace usare pcmanfm. Devi solo imparare a usarlo meglio e personalizzarlo un po’. Se va avanti così, finirò per installare anche mutt...

@chakuari a2ps doesn’t recognize Unicode. Maybe mandoc? Or groff/troff/whateverroff?

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TexLive is heavy and bloated, and even if it has everything I need, I’d prefer to find something else, a lighter solution.
- ability to produce PDF files with Unicode chars (from Arabic to Japanese too “simple” letters such as ō)
- starting point: text files, possibly HTML with simple CSS
- customization so to include headers, footers, page number, TOC, cover page, internal links, index, footnotes...
- also a conversion to PS would be fine, if there is also a way to transform it into PDF

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Finally recovered the USB pen, which did not show the correct capacity. 977 MB -> 486 KB.😅 Now everything is fine.

Corrected some mistypes in the website.

Installed Calibre in my .

Decided to go for a lighter system to create PDF files, as Calibre seems to be quite heavy and slow. Now I have to find one.

Ok, time for a little update about on my .
I noticed an odd behavior in , and don’t know how to solve it.
If I open two windows and then vtile them, I can select the inactive one and then vtile again (so I swap them), but I can’t htile them. And if I htile them, I can’t vtile them. I can’t go from htile to vtile or viceversa.
Any hint? @solene @claudiom

So, tried both lynx and links browser. Lynx removed after two minutes of use. I prefer links and its “graphic” mode. Still fighting with Unicode, though. Maybe elinks is better?
Looking also for another light browser. What would you suggest between NetSurf and Midori?

How can I setup a unicode font so that I can use links to read Japanese web pages?

What could be a good text browser for ? Needed: most of all UTF8, possibly images. HTML5?


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