Introductory material to organization design and process design in political organizations

After a suggestion from @entreprecariat I decided to ask Mastodon.

Let's see if Mastodon can make it happen.

I'm looking for material to give to young people to be more effective organizers in the spaces in which they do politics.

For the theoretical part I'm covered but I need stuff for those that are still unaware of the fact that nobody has a fucking clue of what they are doing and so need to be reassured by reading stuff in a book.

They want methodologies, models, vocabulary to use.

Ideally stuff that answers questions like:

"how do I facilitate a meeting effectively?"
"how do I design the governance of a horizontal org?"


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"how do I store data and documents safely and effectively?"
"how do I design internal processes?"
"do we need a manifesto/statute?"
"how do I prevent/mediate/resolve conflict?"
"how do I create momentum and sense of belonging?"
"how do organizations take legitimate decisions?"
"how does an org reach their target?"
"how do you handle a shared resource?"
"how do I organize a private event?"
"which processes should be designed from the start and what can be left for later?"
"how do you conduct dialogue and diplomacy with other organizations and institutions?"

Please, share only material that you would give to a 20 yo with no previous experience. better for it to be shallow than for it to be inaccessible.

@chobeat @entreprecariat please share, if you find the material you are looking for 🤩🙏🏼

@hideosnes @entreprecariat

in the meanwhile in other spaces these came up

- The Empowerment Manual - Starhawk
- Building Structure Shapes - Melanie Brazzel
- Playbook for Progressives - Eric Mann


I'd recommend and for general organising resources.

My co-op worked on which is more specifically focused on worker's inquiries but there are some useful general resources in there too. helps people decide on a decision-making process.

This Community Canvas is useful for clarifying purpose:

@gem uuuh thanks, it all looks like very good stuff

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