The only sensible way of executing AI Act’s Fundamental Rights Impact Assessment is to merge it with #GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment to get a holistic risk assessment and reduces cost.

But it cannot be another purely legalistic ❌checkbox☑️ excercise. Would make no sense!

As the @eff points out, messaging apps' privacy is also about protecting the data about your conversations, who you are talking to and when, etc...

For this reason, we recommend @signalapp, which encrypts your messages and protects your metadata.

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More of the web is encrypted than ever before! And it's thanks to strong advocacy, hard work, and tools like EFF's Certbot. Help support privacy and free speech today.

Le ONG e gli esperti avvertono i negoziatori dell'AI Act: non barattate i nostri diritti!

L'8 dicembre 2023, 55 gruppi della società civile e 26 esperti hanno inviato una lettera urgente al Consiglio degli Stati membri dell'UE, alla Commissione europea e al Parlamento europeo per esortarli a "Non vendere i nostri diritti!" nel trilogo finale (negoziato) sulla storica legge sull’intelligenza artificiale (AI).


Il World Wide Web Consortium abbandona X e invita tutti a seguirlo su Mastodon

Want an LLM to run locally on your laptop?

Go follow @simon's instructions on downloading Mozilla's "llamafile"

I just did, and it's quite remarkable

Granted, I'm running it on a speedy new M2 mac, but the performance is amazing

The new #Outlook is good... for 766 third parties that track you.

What do you do to stop trackers dead?

Plus, Outlook shares your emails, contacts and passwords with its US servers. So you better watch out! 👉

#microsoft #privacy #outlook

Un riepilogo delle attività di #framasoft e uno sguardo in avanti, quante iniziative per un web condiviso, compartecipato e libero

@kirschner was interviewed by @techlore a few days ago! 🎙️

The interview addresses many interesting and critical topics, including the book “Ada & Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream"

Check it out! 👀

🇪🇺 Novembre 2023: L'UE si confronta con l'urgenza di regolamentare i foundation models nell'IA. La sicurezza e la fiducia pubblica sono in gioco con la rapida evoluzione dell'AI.

🔥 Preoccupazione per le proposte di esenzione normativa da Francia, Germania e Italia. Il rischio di abusi nell'IA aumenta.

⏳ Ogni ritardo nella regolamentazione dell'IA è un rischio. È cruciale agire ora per proteggere i cittadini e l'integrità del settore.

Più info qui:

Whether you know @davidrevoy's work or not, if you have any interest in the intersection of #OpenSource and #art, check out this fantastic interview by @perephoneia:

Favorite quote:

"I also don’t like tools that are only available to the part of the population that can afford them. It excludes many creatives from many countries because they simply cannot pay."

David also shares a list of the many free tools he uses, including some I had never heard of.

We value your privacy by sharing data with 376 partners…. Not impressed by UK Met Office app. #privacy

Google snippets falsely claimed eating glass has health benefits (because it sourced material from a website about AI called Emergent Mind which in turn got it from ChatGPT):

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