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Hi K-9 Mail community! This is a reminder that we'll be retiring this account next month, when K-9 Mail transforms into #Thunderbird for #Android.

So please go follow @thunderbird to stay in touch and get future updates. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

(YES, Thunderbird for Android will be on @fdroidorg)

If you missed the news, here's the original announcement:

And here's where to find our monthly development updates:

CC Responds to the United States Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence:

Do you know ? Do you want to experiment with it? Do you need to test your own based service? Please, abuse the Little Activity Pub server! Boosting are welcome!

Stasera ore 21:00 – The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation – Cory Doctorow L’incontro sulla “truffa di Internet”, in lingua inglese, previsto per lo scorso 11 ottobre che non ha avuto luogo per motivi tecnici.

non perdetevelo!
(RT, pls!)

su youtube o via zoom

We’ll keep saying it until our communications are safe from snooping: if Congress is going to renew Section 702 it needs to make these necessary reforms.

Which is why I've been more than happy to provide a support quote for the book:

« At the end of the book, the eyes of my 6-year old child gleamed with joy at the idea of a liberated, now almighty ice cream machine. Such is the spark that Ada & Zangemann can ignite in children of all ages. We need young generations to share Ada's enthusiasm, in order to take back control of everyday technology. »

It is in very good company at

#AdaZangemann #FreeSoftware

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We have updated our Process Document.

The only change is expanding the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) from 6 elected and 3 appointed participants to 8 elected and 3 appointed participants.

The TAG is a special working group chartered with stewardship of the Web architecture.

This doesn't look like a good situation for the Matrix ecosystem. We've seen how this ends up too many times before.

Venerdì e Sabato prossimi tutto il Team #FSFE :fsfe: parteciperà a #SFSCON23, la conferenza annuale del Sud Tirolo dedicata al #SoftwareLibero! 🤩

L’evento sarà pieno di 💡 #talk interessanti e particolari, alcuni fra questi tenuti da volontariə della nostra organizzazione.

Vi aspettiamo per conoscerci e chiacchierare insieme! 👀

#SFSCON #SudTirolo #SouthTyrol #Bozen #Bolzano

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leggendo @weeklyOSM vengo a conoscenza del progetto #LOOM (Line-Ordering Optimised Maps) dell'università di Friburgo sulla rappresentazione ottimale della rete dei trasporti.

In questa immagine le 4 #rappresentazioni per la #metropolitana di #Milano (#geografica, #ottilineare, #geo-ottolineare, #ortoradiale)




My privacy analysis of EU #eIDAS proposal. Dated 2022, I was consulted on the level of EU Parliament work. My recommendation was to remove the flawed-certificate requirement.

The problem is that the proposal is now nearly finalised and the mechanism persists. The risk is the construction of surveillance capability in Europe.

Una delle rogne degli ebook è la menzogna delle note a piè di pagina che non si possono avere "perché gli ebook non hanno le pagine". In realtà gli ebook le hanno, e ci sarebbero anche le specifiche per gestire le note via CSS (i paged media), ma non nel formato ePub. Non resta che armarsi di pazienza, prendere l'ePub, scriversi i CSS, convertire l'XML in un PDF ad hoc per le dimensioni del proprio ebook reader, trasformando i link a fine capitolo in note a piè di pagina. Dante ringrazia.

Google has joined the ranks of more than 300 companies, cybersecurity, and privacy experts that have called on EU officials to revise its upcoming eIDAS regulation.

The EU is considering a very bad law called eIDAS that would:

- Force browsers to accept government certificate authorities

- Ban additional security checks on certificates (such as Certificate Transparency) unless the EU agrees to them

This would undo 10 years of improvements to encryption on the Web and create an environment very favorable to MitM attacks.

If you're an EU citizen, consider writing to the MEP responsible for the eIDAS file, Romana JERKOVIĆ (, to voice your concern.

Learn more at

We've been on Mastodon for a year now! 🍰

Thank you to all of our followers who have made engaging on this platform so much more rewarding and civil than that other place!

The Conversation exists to inform you, to feed your curiosity and to bring you knowledge to help you understand the world.

If you know folks here who you think would find value in our work, please give this post a boost.
#News #Newstodon

🧵 of some of our most popular posts from the past year:

I wrote about Textcasting, @davew’s project to rethink social media and revive the blogosphere. I have some ideas on how to help; maybe you do too!

This is an interesting point of view, but I don't think I fully buy it: while these bodies set technical standards, they have no ability to actually enforce. #Technology

EDPB sends binding instruction to Irish DPC to ban Meta's processing of personal data for behavioural advertising permanently across the EU/EEA.

According to a press release by the Norwegian DPA, the ban will include Facebook and Instagram and prevents Meta from using the legal bases of 6(1)(b) (Contract) or 6(1)(f) (Legitimate Interest) under GDPR and must instead obtain consent.

Norwegian DPA also states that Meta's plans to introduce paid subscription would be illegal.

“As signatories to this letter, we are a diverse group — scientists, policymakers, engineers, activists, entrepreneurs, educators and journalists. We represent different, and sometimes divergent, perspectives, including different views on how open source AI should be managed and released.

However, there is one thing we strongly agree on: open, responsible and transparent approaches will be critical to keeping us safe and secure in the AI era.”

#OpenSource #AI #mozilla

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