So what do #osm folks here think about the #mapillary fb acquisition? I mean, obviously, per se, it sucks, and I feel tricked, but... what's the way forward? OpenStreetCam is *not* the way forward. What's the way

The fact that imagery will be available also for commercial use is contentious, but I don't think this is necessarily bad... let's think this through! it's an old debate on licensing that exists also in relation to free software, and there are fair points on both sides of the debate.

But anyway... among all the ugly companies of this world... did it really have to be fb? It hurts...
the acquisition pains me also because I did spend some time contributing, and planned to contribute much more in the summer... I even bothered getting their command line tools to work on recent distros with a workaround, as they never made them compatible with python3 #mapillary

@g and this is yet another reason why I never contribute to permissive open source software.

One day your BSD-2 stuff falls in the wrong hands. Also it sucks not knowing if an improved, closed source version of your code will ever exist somewhere.

The problem in my opinion is not in the commercial use of the code, but in the lack of .

is often enough to keep vultures like facebook and google away from your projects, unless they manage to negotiate with the single contributors, which is almost never the case.

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good points, and agree that gpl is best for most use cases in software, and it's my default choice for the few packages I made.

But when I think about the way forward... let's say that ideally it would be best to have a solid foundation behind it, or something like that. But I don't see it happening in this case.

OSM itself has always left a loft of space for companies, preferring a smaller role for itself. So what are the other options? that some other company active in geo services, say Mapbox or something, picks it up? and then what? would it really be much better?

it sucks...
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