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contributors: you have the power to take action today to respond to the Facebook acquisition.

Check out these two scripts to get your full-res photos back and delete them from their archive:

- Take Out script:

- Exit Mapillary script:

Don't let lucrate on your original content. Claim back your photos and remove them from their database.

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#Facebook just bought #Mapillary.

Move your images to a #FOSS *community run* project instead! How? Simple:

1. Download your images:

2. Upload to #OpenStreetCam:

3. Enjoy giving a giant, fat middle finger to #Zuckerberg. 🌻 🌈 🌻

4. Boost and have a nice day!

Immagina di essere un* giornalista, magari anche con talento e potenziale, come D'Alessandro o Cosimi, e il tuo capo a ti mette a scrivere le marchette di internet explorer pagate da italia.

- "Mi raccomando, deve avere la forma di una notizia vera."

La parte noiosa non e` nemmeno tanto l', ma il controllo dell'informazione perche` la prossima volta che parli di loro per davvero devi farglielo sapere, e chiedere in anticipo il permesso di pubblicare, se vuoi garantirti le marchette per i mesi successivi.


we *tried* indeed, and failed, so far. I left FOSDEM because of the strong opposition I received when trying to change things that are not even supposed to be discussed.

Regarding influence over content, I would say so far so good, or at least as long as FOSDEM can keep up accepting alternative viewpoints in the program, and confirm self-organizing devrooms with no influence from the org - like "decentralized internet and privacy" as in the past editions.

@jlhertel @paperdigits @aral


No, you will have to take my word for it. I had been a member of the FOSDEM "staff" aka year-around-volunteers team for many years, and these topics have been discussed in meetings.

FOSDEM defends its "neutrality" around the topic of Surveillance Capitalism, and does not see it as an actual problem that affects its visitors. This has always been the case, and sponsorship from big tech has been important to make the event grow every year to a larger scale.

I, and other people involved in FOSDEM in different ways, have tried to invert this tendency and propose a different way to look on how to cover the budget, to guarantee the autonomy on the program content. Diversity of topics and content that is still there today, may suffer by these unique sources of funding tomorrow.

@paperdigits @aral


FYI time has been spent, especially this year, to try and convince the organization to apply for an european funds and other alternatives to few controversial sponsors.

The organization itself has been hostile to this idea, bringing up arguments like "we cannot lose the support of facebook/google/github for the next editions".

Sponsoring is managed by a few people within the organization, and their actions are not visible by most of the organization members.


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Prime Minister of Finland: "A 4-day work week, a 6-hour workday. Why couldn’t it be the next step? Is 8 hours really the ultimate truth? I believe people deserve to spend more time with loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life such as culture." 👏

@di_elle ricordagli che i marchionnes muoiono giovani e con l'agenda piena

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> Microsoft: We're creating a new Rust-based programming language for secure coding

Embrace step: Done
Extend step: Initiated
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TIL that Microsoft’s remote development extensions for VSCode are not open source and so cannot be used in Codium.

Microsoft being Microsoft.

@wilfredh let's put it in simple terms. Where did these companies (elastic, redis) failed? They did not enforce in their products, and they got eaten or trampled by the evil giants. The result are these ugly "open source, but..." licenses that they needed to use to try and stay alive. Open source is the problem here, but free software, copyleft in particular, should have been the solution. This is exactly why Google, amazon, Microsoft are fighting a cultural battle against GPL and AGPL. A battle where OSI and Linux Foundation have been acquired to redefine open source as a bunch of useless and dangerous permissive licenses.

Visto che siamo in argomento, consiglio a tutt la visione dello splendido talk di @aral al parlamento europeo sulla questione del capitalismo della sorveglianza.

Da oggi disponibile con sottotitoli in italiano:

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Hey !

La conferenza di Aral al Parlamento europeo sulla regolamentazione di Internet è ora disponibile con sottotitoli in italiano. !

cc @aral @danielinux @zeyev

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#canonical jumped the shark when Mark Shuttleworth (M.S.) closed #ubuntu bug #1 as "wontfix" and started flattering #microsoft #azure

Just desperate for money. That 'poor' billionaire who evaded tax in S.A.

Persino, che da anni ormai ospita marchette di amazon, google, Microsoft quotidianamente, mascherandole da articoli o pezzi di informazioni, finalmente si accorge della situazione critica generata dal capitalismo della sorveglianza.

The protocol is not at all a bad idea. DNS has been for too long the only clear text service surviving the TLS world. The important point is that we need more self-hosted, decentralized DoH servers and proxies, and NOT leave the name resolution task to centralized actors that may (and will) store all the queries and use it against you in the future. Welcome DNS over HTTPS. Just avoid evil google and cloudflare, attempting to centralize an old, unsecure yet decentralized system. Use your friendly neighborhood DOH service instead. I wish we had more of these already.


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