Utentə italofonə del fediverso.

Non fatevi ingannare da ciò che scrivono gli amministratori di mastodon.uno, qui mastodon.uno/@mastodon/1052085

Non esiste né esisterà mai LA istanza italiana di .
Mobilizon è un software federabile, decentrato, chiunque può farsi la propria istanza e *non ne esiste una ufficiale*. Neanche quella creata dagli sviluppatori del software è LA istanza francese: ce ne sono 28. Quella in lavorazione, dunque, è UNA istanza italiana, e questo è solo uno sporco tentativo di accentramento.

Italian users of the , don't get fooled by what the admins of mastodon.uno write here mastodon.uno/@mastodon/1052085

The “Italian instance” of does not exist nor will ever exist.
Mobilizon is a federated, decentralized software, anyone can make their own instance and *no official one exists*. Not even the one created by the software developers is THE French instance: there are 28 of them. The one the Uno admins are working on, then, is just ONE Italian instance, and this is just a dirty attempt to centralize.

cc @Framasoft

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@leodurruti We confirm that we develop #Mobilizon (and #PeerTube), that we host mobilizon.fr, and that **no** instance can claim to be the "official" instance, not even ours. Diversity of instances is key, in each language & culture.

There are **no** official instances (of a country or a language), the whole point is to decentralize.

Please choose your instances wisely, try to learn more about who host it, why, how, etc.

@Framasoft @leodurruti I guess we technically could see official instances of country's governments? :))

@wonderingdane @Framasoft @leodurruti the point is that claiming you are "*the* instance" of people living that territory or speaking that language is against the concept of fediverse itself and opens to predatory strategies (irrespective to the fact you are a government)

that holds particularly to mastodon since there is no by-design solution to cumulate local timelines (apart from relays) hence accumulation/capitalization of information, contacts, status is likely to happen

a proposed solution: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@diorama @Framasoft @leodurruti That is no and doesn't make sense to claim you are "the official" of anything.

@diorama @Framasoft @leodurruti It's very unfortunate, but i think it's unavoidable the verse of fediverses.

@wonderingdane @Framasoft @leodurruti it is avoidable if people in the fediverse organize, study, and act to avoid it

@diorama @Framasoft @leodurruti That sounds very vague. How do we avoid an instance from proclaiming they are "the official instance"?

We can deny them a part in the fediverse, but organising that is a nightmare as well as going against the very nature of the fediverse.

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