Hello world!This is the official project account of #PixelFork ,an #PixelFed fork made by @nipos with more focus on free and open software.We'll mainly take things from the official source but improve it.The biggest differences will be the availability of a federated timeline and that analytics/insights shit will be removed.The repository is on notabug.org/pixelfork/pixelfor on NotABug,an open code platform.The project starts when federation comes to PixelFed.


@pixelfork @nipos hey there! Do you plan to keep your project close to the Pixelfed source or to diverge completely and become a totally separate project on its own?

@fj If we think that a new feature of Pixelfed makes sense and is FOR the users,not against them,we'll merge that into PixelFork but we'll also create many own features using wishes from the community or own ideas.I don't think it will be that close to Pixelfed but also not completely separate.

@pixelfork sounds great! Looking forward to more news!

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