Snap is a really cool system and in some ways it's better than Flatpak. I understand the maintainability benefits over repo-packaged software. But, consistently, Snap-packaged software Does Not Work; Chromium broke when they snapified it, and now Firefox is broken on @ubuntu too.

I can't report bugs against it, because the support page for Mozilla is useless and the distro doesn't accept bugs against the snap version - even though, from a user perspective, the change is simple. "Firefox on Ubuntu used to be really good, and now it doesn't work."

I don't know what to say other than,
Canonical, you broke my heart. I've been a die-hard Ubuntu user since Lucid - on my first ever computer of my own! - and I think I'm done.

I'm getting a Lenovo 2242 NVMe SSD for my T480 in today, and I think I'm going to install Fedora.

@tindall @ubuntu

It is super easy to install Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi as snap package.
Far easier than Docker, without any config and with fast backups.


@didek @tindall @ubuntu

Sure, but you can't modify the Apache configuration file. :-(

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