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In the USA, a typical person has $60000 of debt by the end of their life. Your overall net wealth is very likely to be a negative number, after living to get into debt and perpetually paying it back. Over an entire human lifetime, most people in the richest country the world has ever known, will effectively own nothing and earn less than nothing.

And yet, the idea persists that communism is bad because it means that “you can’t own anything.”

You don’t own anything now.

South Park Pandemic Special 

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«Prima di dichiarare che un mondo totalitario è un incubo che non potrà mai avverarsi, ricordate che nel 1925 il mondo in cui viviamo oggi sarebbe sembrato un incubo, che non poteva assolutamente avverarsi».

(G. Orwell nel 1937)

Ok, chi sono quei due che vanno in giro con la mascherina col naso fuori? :awesome_rotate:

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Chi è peggio fra quelli che indossano:

Qualcuno mi può spiegare perché tutti i fumetti, webcomics, webtoons occidentali che escono oggigiorno devono essere in stile manga farlocco?

Ho un messaggio per quelli che scrivono finali criptici per serie tv, tipo quelli di The man in the high castle o Brave new world, che possono voler dire tutto o niente (ma più spesso niente): 

The art we look at is made by only a select few. A small group create, promote, purchase, exhibit and decide the success of art. Only a few hundred people in the world have any real say. When you go to an art gallery you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires.
-- Banksy

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Follow recommendation for all the #FuckOffGoogle'rs and #DeleteFacebook'ers:



Their motto is "self host all the things!" which is obviously a great way to stay away from #GAFAM.

Among many many other things they host #invidious #nitter and #bibliogram. Three services to access content from #Youtube, #Twitter and #Instagram without sending any data to #Google, #Twitter or #Facebook.

#LibreHosters #SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy #HostedService

Laidezze & Brave New World (la serie tv con Ian Solo farlocco) 

Surveillance capitalism is the same as climate change, but for data:

- Some people have been warning about its consequences for years
- Most people don't care because they don't feel concerned, they can't see it affecting them
- A few companies are making a lot of damage with the help of governments
- When we will face the consequences it will be too late
- We can still do something about it, and the sooner the better

"The common assumption that philanthropy automatically results in a redistribution of money is wrong. A lot of elite philanthropy is about elite causes. Rather than making the world a better place, it largely reinforces the world as it is. Philanthropy very often favours the rich – and no one holds philanthropists to account for it."

As if we ever needed proof...


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