We've taken two great things and made them even better 

From the makers of ourorboros and the aurora borealis we bring you

Auroboroalis™: The Northern Lights That Can't Stop Devouring Itself®

Un divertente basato su che mette alla prova -e permette di espandere- le conoscenze storiche di ognuno!


Cc @GustavinoBevilacqua e @cronomaestro in quanto appassionati di wikipedia

Ah ed è pure

Maggiori info nel thread su Twitter: twitter.com/tom_j_watson/statu

nudity in ancient Greek art 

A lot of things changed in Greece in the 50 years before Xerxes invaded. One of them was how male nudity is used in art ancientworldmagazine.com/artic #historodons #artHistory #classics

@aral I agree that if you really want to support the artist, and own the music that Bandcamp is the way to go. As an artist myself on there it is amazing to see that some people pay € 1,50 - 5,00 per album on the pay what you want basis.

From all the years on Spotify i think we got once or twice a payment of like 25 dollars, not even covering the cost of getting your music on there in the first place.

In case you want a sign, here's the GIANT FIRE CROSS IN THE SKY. A complex halo from somewhere around Gur'yevsk.

Is there an alternative to Google Scholar that respects software freedom and privacy?

Sharing is very appreciated.

It should be a scholar search engine that collects papers and journals from Arxiv, Doaj, PLOS, universities' repositories etc. in one. I see that we need this alternative for academic, education and scientific purposes.

Thank you in advance.

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Un'analisi militare estremamente chiara

Stanford University Center for international security and cooperation - The Russian military threat to Ukraine: how serious?


If I’m against the mechanization and automation of sex, I guess that makes me 

a Lewddite

hi please check out my new linux distro made specifically for investigators 


wandering the earth in search of new and interesting things to not even remotely understand

If you are an independent furry artist or fursuit maker, the IWW welcome you to join.

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