A scam played by the advertisers to the readers but also to the 2 people who had brought yubizawa to the US:

"Nelson "Mitch" Fleming and his wife Yoshie Imanami would have preferred the Yubiwaza ads never have appeared. After studying Sosuishi-Ryu jiu-jitsu in Japan, Mr. Fleming and Ms. Inamani returned to America to open a school in New Jersey. (1/2)

"Convinced by a publisher to write a book on Yubiwaza (jiu jitsu finger techniques) what Mr. Fleming thought would be a 100 page book turned into a 14 page pamphlet, sold through the proposterous ads below."
Fleming had no input on the ads, incidentally. He enjoyed a long career as a martial arts instructor until he passed away in 1987. Ms. Fleming, as her son indicated to me in an e-mail, is "still alive, still very tiny."

From mrdankelly.com/martialads.html


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@Eidon these toots reminded me of this video about fake martial arts, which I highly recommend to anyone


I'm not sure if the pamphlet is mentioned in the video, because I saw it a long time ago, but there's something similar

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