It is with great pleasure that I share here the latest song of Mathemorphosis:


I feel indebted with @guresuke -san, who gave me the opportunity to sing and write the lyrics for this song he wrote. It is an important song to me, the best so far to me.

I hope you will like it as much as I do ^_^

#Mathemorphosis :

- Guresuke-san: Music composition and orchestration
- Eidon: Lyrics and voices

#mastoradio #metal #music


@Eidon @guresuke I was convinced, until exactly the moment I started writing this, that the name of the band was "mEtamorphosis", now I'm shocked

the song tho! really cool!! I love the instrumental part that starts around 4:30

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@honiden @guresuke

Thank you very much Honiden!
Yes, I love that part too ^_^

Yes we are Mathemorphosis! Does that shock you? Sorry about that!

@Eidon don't be sorry, it's not your fault that I misread your name for a year😄 😅 @guresuke

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