Dopo una (mezza) serata passata a discutere di natura, umanità e futuro, in testa torna fisso "the ocean will have us all".

John Cale - Barracuda

"Dark woman in the water drowning
Sinking in a funny way
Black footing full of faces floating
Mimicking our final days
The ocean will have us all
The ocean will have us all
Dark woman in a cupboard burning
Oh, what have they done
Dark woman like a feather breathing
Oh, what can be done
The ocean will have us all
The ocean will have us all
Cold cost is the death of nothing
Slipping just like nothing did
Prince and the one was joking
Smoking in the summer mis
Barracuda, barracuda
Won't you lay down your life to me?
Won't you love me barracuda?
If you always need to bring out the worst in me"

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