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I encountered woke libertarians today for the first time and holy shit guys I don't know what to do about it

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Two years ago, I was kidnapped at gunpoint, brought across state lines, and raped repeatedly by my @lyft@twitter.com driver and at least 2 other men. Since then, @lyft@twitter.com has stymied my effort to seek justice every step of the way. Here is my story:


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Claire Graham has started a patreon. Maybe think about signing up to help her important work patreon.com/Mrkhvoice

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In light of Harvey Weinstein's life being "ruined," I have more to say on this rhetoric around rape allegations "ruining lives." And to do that, I want to use the example of one rapist in my research--we'll call him Justin.

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Trans activists: everyone gets to define their own gender
Feminist: ok then, I'm not cis. I'm non-binary, just like everybody else
Trans activist: twitter.com/OwenJones84/status

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Remembering the great Jimi Hendrix who passed away on this day in 1970

Get back in your boring cis box mummies!
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Acceptance Without Exception - unless you're female.
Isn't that right Owen?

@VictoriaPeckham @owenjones84

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We are tweeting out all the demands in our manifesto. Today we'll be sharing our demands on healthcare. You can read all our demands here. See what you think. If you agree with them please print off a copy and send to your political representative womansplaceuk.org/wpuk-manifes


Gender non-conformity began in 1973
Sometime between Bowie's first album,
And Prince's best LP.

human being it two, and elevates one type over the other. It is the deformation of the totality of human existence and experience. It needs to get the fuck to fuck.

pretend humans are sexless, until one day they tell us which box of stereotypes they like (or maybe none? which means they will have no sex and gender at all?), and then, thankfully, they will have the 'right' gender.

There is no 'right' gender. Gender is a system that cuts

According to the new orthodoxy, gender is a social construct (sort of), but one that somehow, one day, for no apparent reason, just fell from the sky.

We couldn't possibly refuse to perform it, or impose it. We couldn't possibly, the horror, *critique* it. All we can do is

If you think you have to deny sex in order not to 'gender' a baby, you are saying you think gender supervenes naturally on sex.

And that naturalises and obscures the entire mechanism of oppression that functions through gender, and prevents us challenging that mechanism.

I'm so sick of this conversation proceeding as if the 70s and 80s never happened.

You are not the first generation to think gender is a construct (tho you don't really, seeing as you think we 'have' genders).

You are just the first to think that means we have to deny sex.
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Sky debate this morning: Should parents hide the sex of their child? youtube.com/watch?v=0-q-6VFoX0

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Want to know why more psychologists don’t object to the “affirmative care” model that reduces them to mindless gender-transition facilitators? Here’s why. thepostmillennial.com/telling-

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So many gc feminists and allies. So many pro free speech advocates.

Kate is in court tomorrow because the cps decided women can't call men, men.

She's fighting for ALL of us. And yet, we're leaving her on her own and unable to fight for us.


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Dictionary wars: a thread. For everyone who’s been in my mentions all day complaining about a petition that suggested the Oxford Dictionary entry for ‘woman’ might include an example containing ‘trans woman’. /1

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The complaint against me at University of Huddersfield has been thrown out; there is no case for me to answer. However, the university has issued me with a formal warning because I went public with the details. I am appealing this sanction immediately.

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This👇. I hope some on the left are watching how a right wing man (odious politics) ends up defending women’s rights to a Democrat who is giving them away. This is VERY dangerous. Trump second term dangerous. twitter.com/fairplaywomen/stat

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I was angry because a man was trying to physically drag me out of the venue. I was fully cooperative and was leaving on my own accord. I objected, rightfully, to being *repeatedly* grabbed by a Liberal party staff member. twitter.com/CochraneCBC/status

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