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Deeply concerned by growing numbers of people looking to have others sacked (and those being dropped by employers) for lawfully expressing personal opinions - especially in contexts outside workplace. This is area @IndexCensorship@twitter.com will be doing much more work on over next year. twitter.com/docstockk/status/1

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to @iwgbucl@twitter.com on strike tomorrow, starting at 4am when cleaners and security staff go on shift to make the university work for all of us. If outsourcing saves UCL a penny it is comes off the back of the lowest paid staff on shameful conditions to fund private profit. twitter.com/iwgbucl/status/119

Oh, well I guess that means its fine for you to act like a bunch of authoritarians based on nothing but emotional blackmail, bad analogies, hyperbole, guilt by association, and a lot of bullshit about clownfish then.
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@bendirs1 @PhilosophyTube

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This is what I mean when I say that trans-inclusive spaces become functionally unisex. The only way for women to “not be transphobic” is to pretend ALL men in women’s spaces belong there.

No one would’ve looked twice at this person in the men’s room. This isn’t about safety.

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@LaraAdamsMille1@twitter.com Meanwhile in the gents:

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‘There were 153 self-inflicted deaths among those on post-custody supervision in 2018-19, compared with 24 in 2010-11, Ministry of Justice data analysed by the charity Inquest reveals’ theguardian.com/society/2019/n

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As a little girl you face an army of men telling you all you can't do because you're female. Then you grow up & these same men decide to enlighten you about how privileged you are to naturally fit into your feminine role (unlike them, you won't have noticed gender is a construct)

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@SVPhillimore@twitter.com @BarryRelph@twitter.com That's the point. Identifying 'with' someone out of empathy is one thing, identifying *as* them when you have more social power than them is colonisation and invasion. Black people can't identify out of blackness, women can't identify out of our sex. That's why this is toxic.

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So apparently I'm an analytic philosopher now and I only think female people exist because I'm totally into 'transcendent truth.'



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A conversation between the ever brilliant @janeclarejones@twitter.com & @LaraAdamsMille1@twitter.com reminded me of an article I wrote some time ago.

I think it is notable&sad that for all their noise,most TRA’s dont account for the seriousness of their invisibility in data.


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So I’m officially disillusioned with my union @ucu@twitter.com. This kind of anti-intellectual bandwagon politicking is imho the death of any revolutionary socialist potential. telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/11/1

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Of course radical, and indeed socialist, feminists have understood the female body to be the site of male control and appropriation of reproductive, sexual & domestic labour; that currently accounts for over £606 billion of GDP in the UK, for example.

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finally a coherent argument on why economics is a complete sham (and as far as I’m concerned pointlessly overindulged in policy) | Against Economics nybooks.com/articles/2019/12/0 via @davidgraeber@twitter.com

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"I believed the trust tried to bury these important concerns about an experimental treatment of vulnerable children " says former Governor of Tavistock gender clinic on why he resigned. twitter.com/marcusevanspsy1/st

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He did this in London and I remember he came out and said "don't you have trains to catch"? 😀💜👏 twitter.com/Baron3121/status/1

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Hello Twitter, please will some kind person post a link to an article or scientific paper that provides scientific evidence for gender identity as an internal phenomenon. I do not require papers that tie GI to social constructionism. I'm looking for their strongest arguments. 🙃

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Don’t get me wrong, I do see the attraction. I personally would love to score a few points with sheep-like readers by calling you “reality-antagonistic” and hope they don’t notice. Unfortunately though, I was trained as a philosopher and we’re not supposed to pull that shit.

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A female friend who’s married to a man and recently started identifying as genderqueer and binding her chest posted this. It says everything.

If you’re NOT GAY (and she isn’t), you don’t get to cosplay as such. It’s disrespectful to trivialize us this way. It’s harmful.

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An excellent response to Deirdre McCloskey’s self-regarding and partial memoir-essay in @Quillette@twitter.com. Fancy commissioning Bailey, @jonkay@twitter.com? twitter.com/profjmb/status/119

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Wimms, bio sex is outdated!! I take it no further reproductive services required (they can make robots really realistic now, can't they?), so let's all have our <censored>tubes</censored> tied and parrrtyyyy!!!!!! twitter.com/SVPhillimore/statu

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