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If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine 🌻

How do I switch my handle to instead of

Suggestion to folks signing on mastodon. Try and set up your bio and display pic. Try and use the same you had on Twitter. Will be easier for us to connect. Please RT (retoot 😁)

Tere Mastodon mastodon nain.. mere dil ka le gaye chain!!

When you check a profile of another user you will see the number of people who follows his and who are followed by him but if you click on.that number you can't see the entire list of people. Instead you can only see the ones of them that you just know.

That's alsi by design and that's also an anti-harrassment tool.

Let's check real life: in real life I dont walk around with the list of my friends attached on my neck and neither of you (hopefully) does.

So, if you cannot discover new people by checking who is following who, how can you find and meet new people on Mastodon?

By t-a-l-k-i-n-g, socializing and discuss things. If you boost a post of your friend you are presenting him to all your other friends and so on.

Mastodon emphasizes real human socialization instead of espionnage-style exploration of profiles

Hello everyone, I'm an electronics engineer, just a common Indian, here to freely toot out my opinionated mind. I like to remain updated about current politics, extremely interested in it. Trying to be an ardent reader, love to explore different genres. I love poetry/poems ( though I can't write one) and Music is my saviour.
I like to connect with people of different opinions(are always welcome), but I hate fascists/fascism/dictators and all who belong to this category.
#india #introduction

If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine 🌻

If you're on and need an app to toot and view other toots, download .

Mastodon apps for Android: Tusky, Fedilab

Mastodon apps for iOS: Toot!, Mast, Amaroq

There is no app called “Mastodon” because anyone can develop an app (and the aforementioned ones are made by independent developers). You can also use the website on your phone, it works quite well and has 100% of the features.

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