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A nine-month investigation undertaken by the Guardian, Die Zeit and SourceMaterial found that 90% of rainforest offsets from the world's biggest provider are worthless "phantom credits". Bought by the likes of Disney, Shell, easyJet and Gucci, it seems they may even do more harm to our environment than good.

Videos taken by residents in Peru showed forced evictions, and their homes cut down with chainsaws for an offset project.

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En ce jour de #Greve19janvier une grande quantité de personnes ne travaille pas pour son employeur, mais continue de produire textes, données etc pour les GAFAM. Pour tou•tes, la revue Barbarie publie mon article “Anarchisme de plateforme” (en espagnol).

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ChatGPT gets treated like technological magic, but that ignores the humans behind the curtain that make it function.

OpenAI paid Sama to hire Kenyan workers at $1.32 to $2 an hour to review “child sexual abuse, bestiality, murder, suicide, torture, self harm, and incest” content. Their work made the tool less toxic, but left them mentally scarred. The company ended the contract when they found out TIME was digging into their practices.

#tech #chatgpt #ai

Si è appena alzato il mistral, ne avremo per una decina di giorni e ci geleremo le chiappe.

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my new small language model AI, titled Enough, draws on a one parameter pre-trained corpus —the smallest in history— and answers every question with the same response: “No.”

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È incredibile come le pagine della wikipedia italiana non abbiano spesso neanche il minimo delle informazioni necessarie per poter esser prese sul serio. Ogni tanto facciamola un'aggiuntina, una modifichina qua e là, quando vediamo che qualcosa di importante manca o non torna.


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"Il y a ceux à qui on n'exige jamais rien.
Aujourd'hui l'ONG Ofxam nous sort que Les plus riches milliardaires en France, depuis 2020, ont cumulé + de 200 milliards de fortune.
Une 2 % de taxe permettrait de régler les déficits des retraites."
Olivier Besancenot

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Sacro potere dei tracker a me! L'ultima volta che ho usato un tracker era su un 386, direi. LSDJ è di una eleganza incredibile! @kenobit grazie per il tuo corso online, davvero prezioso!

Consigli tecnici: esiste una chiave quadrata da 2 mm di lato? Vorrei aprire l'oggetto di cui in foto vedete un particolare. Si tratta del coperchio di un mixer/tagliatutto da cucina che funziona a cordino e siccome ultimamente si inceppa, vorrei aprirlo e guardare dentro se c'è qualcosa da sistemare...

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"Algorithmic feeds have utterly taken over both how we create and consume culture. Visual artists have to succeed on Instagram to sell their work just as musicians have to tailor their songwriting to the TikTok feed to get audiences. On the consumer’s side, automated recommendations turn us into more passive listeners, watchers, and readers, thinking less about the culture we consume and having worse relationships with it as a result. The net result is a world of averages: ideas and aesthetics optimized for engagement that are as acceptable as possible to as many people as possible."

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#AI is a diversion and a corporate capture #VC wet dream by @DonnaLanclos

"We have students in poverty. We have precarious lecturers. Climate change is real.  

But sure let’s look at the shiny new (#AI) toy."

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As with Substack, there are always going to be a ton of people who very understandably feel like they have to keep quiet about the bad stuff because most writers live in various states of perpetual precarity—which is exactly why this clownshow history drives me up the wall. Tech companies buy new toys and throw away the old ones and real people get hurt.

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I am looking to set up mastodon server. I got great recomendations on where to host it (thank you @hko)
but I would like to find one where we can get technical support in English. Any recommendations?

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#Medium, the proprietary, #SiliconValley equivalent of free and open #fediverse app #WriteFreely, by the #billionnaire co-founder of #Twitter now has a fediverse server.

Now might be a good time to take a look at WriteFreely ( and their hosted services ( and WriteFreely Host ( and consider owning your own #blog on the fediverse instead of contributing to the walled gardens of the people who bequeathed you Twitter.

Il secondo capitolo della tesi è stato approvato!

La parte teorica più importante è fatta, ora analisi del corpus poi capitolo teorico conclusivo.

Inizio a intravedere la fine e mi sembra anche possibile di chiudere per novembre, alla fine del terzo anno.

(festeggio, continuando a lavorare mentre bevo una buonissima Chouffe alla ciliegia)(so che ci sarà chi leggerà quest'ultima cosa con schifo, ma ognuno ha le sue ossessioni :D)

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