Dear Elon Musk have you considerat di comprare the Italian party Fratelli d'Italia? Trust me, it's a good affarone.

I want what any woman wants: to shine in the full moon, feathers sprouting grotesquely from my skin, and for a man to shout “the crow witch has returned” his voice cracking with visceral fear.

Capisco che muoversi con fluidità dentro richieda un minimo di curva di apprendimento, ma come si fa a dire "io questo non lo capisco"? Ma non ce l'avete un'email? Perché la struttura è proprio quella delle email.

With the way things are, Twitter might not have any security people on staff soon. If you're using "login with Twitter" as a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for some websites/services, I'd be worried if I were you. If you can switch to a different authentication method then do it and purge the authentication tokens/sessions.

Oggi l'ho già offeso dandogli 4 premietti anziché 4mila 🤣


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