Dear @publicvoit I am reading your posts on orgmode (thanks for sharing!) with great interest, and I wondered why you didn't include emacs as well as e-mail in your ecosystem. I ask why I'm seriously thinking of switching from mutt to mu4e. Regards

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@leo Well, emacs is a very central part of my PIM. Email is also part of my ecosystem, but without emacs.

@leo I keep using mutt instead of any emacs-based email setup because:
- this would introduce the necessity of sync to my setup whose complexity implications I don't have for now
- I would not get that many benefits
- I have added lots of bells and whistles to my mutt setup which I would have to start from scratch with emacs (and I don't feel comfortable with elisp)
- I'd need non-emacs based email anyway because of business environments, ...
- email got less important in the last 10 years to me

@leo And: since I'm composing emails with vim, I'd have to migrate many vim adaptations for email composition to emacs as well.

In summary: lots of work and not much of a gain.

@publicvoit Thank you very much for the detailed explanations. I am trying to weigh the costs and benefits of a possible transition to an emacs client.

@publicvoit Everyone has a different situation, but knowing your motivation is very useful to me. Thanks so much! I wait new posts from the blog series;) cheers leo

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