What I write is valid for both the web client and the pinafore firefox sidebar, because it seems that the features are perfectly identical. The only thing that doesn't «work» well in the sidebar version is the search text bar, which doesn't show up entirely (but maybe it's because of the size of the screen?).

I didn't manage to enable notification sounds so far, I don't know if there is the possibility of doing it at all.


has this wonderful feature called «wellness settings» (see image), based on the guideline from the Center for Humane Technology, which allows you to hide follower counts, boost counts, favourite counts and unread notifications counts, to reduce gamification.

Boost and favourite counts are hidden by default in the mastodon desktop client as well, and are shown only when you open the toot. In pinafore, if you decide to hide them, you don't see them ever.

Of course all this has effects only inside the pinafore environment.

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