«Netanyahu intende mettere in piedi un comitato ad hoc con l’incarico [di] elaborare un piano per il rimpatrio dei migranti e dei richiedenti asilo in collaborazione con le autorità sudanesi».



"However, by the number of destroyed structures, 76, the raid was the largest demolition in the past decade"

"People there often face demolitions for a building without Israeli permission.

“Palestinians can almost never obtain such permits,” said Helle. “Demolitions are a key means of creating an environment designed to coerce Palestinians to leave their homes,” she said, accusing Israel of “grave breaches” of international law."

"The wiping off of a whole community at once is extremely rare, and it seems like Israel was making use of the fact that everyone’s attention is currently set elsewhere [US elections] to move forward with this inhumane act"


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