“Every Jewish institution that insists on the centrality of Israel in community life is placing settler-colonialism at the centre of Judaism. Every member organisation of the Zionist Federation is complicit in the pogrom on Sheikh Jarrah and the bombs dropped on Gaza. Every project funded by the UJIA is a step towards ethnic cleansing. We loudly and unequivocally reject collaboration with Apartheid and anti-Palestinian racism. We call on all Jews and Jewish institutions to condemn Israel’s violence and dispossession of Palestinians and distance themselves from this Apartheid regime.

Not in our name.

13 May 2021
3 Sivan 5781”



do you know who the admins of your instance are?

hoping to bring this to their attention.

@noyovo hi!

Yes, I know them.

That account has already been reported (but thanks that you've done it too), hope they are going to act soon on it.

@leodurruti How long ago were they reported?

That israeli flag-waving account was still posting as of yesterday, & the admin account posted just an hour ago.

@noyovo I don't know exactly when it was the first time, I would say three days ago, something like that.

Apparently they stopped posting from the account on (last toot on May 16th) and moved to >


What’s the difference between then and now?

“I loro piedi corrono al male, ed essi s’affrettano a spargere sangue innocente; i loro pensieri son pensieri d’iniquità, la desolazione e la ruina sono sulla loro strada. La via della pace non la conoscono”

Isaia 59:7-8
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