Madonna che figura di merda epica

"Another point of misunderstanding is the FAI's insistence on generalisation. But neither the world nor life is that simple. Nor are all conflicts identical. If we try to generalize war as an immutable model, we will never be able to analyze the real events around us. In the grip of such an approach, the FAI's document states obvious things (with which one cannot but agree) that, when confronted with a context other than that created by generalized war, suddenly lack meaning and are literally beside the point"

@makhno "The beginning is telling: "Our thoughts go first to our comrades who, more than a century ago, before the tragedy of the First World War, felt the need..." Perhaps this is the summary of the whole problem - a central point of misunderstanding, a completely different starting point. While our thoughts go first to the working people in Ukraine, bloodily crushed by the imperial invasion, and to our comrades who resisted that agression, our Italian friends and comrades turn to the past."

quando ci passerà sto cazzo di culto dei padri io veramente non lo so

@antanicus "We agree on the hypocrisy of the Western states. But is it not also hypocritical not to lend a helping hand to our comrades in the struggle and just wait to see how it all turns out? The workers in Ukraine do not deserve to suffer because the workers in Russia did not overthrow a dictator. And an attacking dictator who is razing entire communities to the ground will not be stopped by our anti-militarist manifestos."

C'è una quantità di stronzate in quel comunicato che neanche a impegnarsi uno ce la faceva

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