Ok, once for all, what's the perfect date? :boost_ok:

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@malerbabomba per archiviare aaa mm gg, per tutto il resto gg mm aaaa.

@malerbabomba the third one for archiving purposes, the first one for all the rest. Second one never made much sense to me, but I get the point :)


This image explains it better than a thousand words...

I started using #ISO8601 for everything, despite everyone else here (Italy, Europe) using the European system, and it just makes much more sense


@octo @malerbabomba Most of America uses the format:

It is only the US that uses that fmixed up Month Day Year pattern.


Oh, nice to know!

Unfortunately there's the bad habit around the world of calling just the US as "America"..
So, when you read something that says America, unless there's context, there's no good way to know if we're talking about the US or the whole American continent, just like here


@octo @malerbabomba Yes, it is a bad habbit cultivated by the culture of a country that thinks they own the whole thing.

The best ways are to just call them "the US", "United States" or "USA".

@malerbabomba Y-m-d: I always use it to name my files, with a short description, so alphabetic and date order are the same.

@malerbabomba the perfect date is the one where people have fun and end up in bed. ;-)

@malerbabomba the perfect date is when you both like each other and enjoy spending time together

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