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@OpenRightsGroup @jimkillock @EUdelegationUK @TerryReintke @GDelbosCorfield @CarolineLucas @natalieben @UKandEU @juliahimmrich @JeanLambertLDN @ZackPolanski @DigitalEU @ellajakubowska1 @accessnow @DIGITALEUROPE @cdteu @mikarv @DCMS @Jiri_Mnuk @CMAgovUK @1Br0wn @EU_Competition @Iptegrity @sebabecks @ellenejudson 🟢 What would it take for the to "operate as the world's data hub"? @jimkillock, A. Stepanova, H-W Low & @ds_m4riano consider areas of divergence with law in the UK's & : eu.boell.org/en/uk-data-protec @OpenRightsGroup @PrivacyMatters @edri

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This seems to clear up the confusion created by Michelle Donelan's recent Tory Conference speech, which said GDPR would be replaced. conservatives.com/news/2022/ou

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🚨 will be adapted but not repealed. Response from DCMS minister @JuliaLopezMP to further written questions confirms Government will amend, rather than withdraw, the existing Data Protection and Digital Information Bill questions-statements.parliamen

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