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Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity 

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.

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Spider-Men, Spider-Men,
Not sure which had an Uncle Ben
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Look Out!
Here come the Spider-Men

shoulder all the costs of (irrational) business choices. These layoffs are an opportunity to reconsider our societies’ late captivation with tech tycoons and their assumed infinite business wisdom. It may be high time that voice mechanisms are introduced and bolstered even in sectors that, for some reasons, we entrusted in a very few hands so far. END OF THREAD.

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Problem is that rehiring after firing is never frictionless as many workers will prefer to go elsewhere after being sacked. This kind of regulations aren’t a plot to overthrow capitalism. In fact, these European legislations are imposed by the EU, hardly a progressive institution. They are driven by the idea that multistakeholder dialogue may allow markets and business to function more efficiently without having workers and societies at large (remember unemployment benefits?)…

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…to see how management in non-unionized companies overseas can execute layoffs almost from one day to the next without any form of regulatory restraint. In EU Countries, mass layoffs require information & consultation duties w/ the unions (even if a company is not unionized, yes) and the involvement of public bodies. These procedures are not only to mitigate the impact of layoffs on the workforce, negotiate severance packages.

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no collective or union interference would endlessly thrive and drive the growth of other labour segments. This has proved to be a very hazardous bet. Twitter and Meta are not the only tech companies whose business model is unsustainable in the long run as it requires continuous funding from (venture) capital to cover losses and survive.We may soon see other tech behemoths follow suit. From an European perspective, it is also always stunning…

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THREAD ON TWITTER AND META LAYOFFS 🧵 I think we are underestimating the importance of these mass layoffs. These companies have long been heralded as the examples of a “future of work” that would gloriously work for high skill workers, especially those with a STEM background. Tech companies were the poster children for tech lobbyist and policymakers that championed a labour market where those high quality jobs, with high salaries, perks and…

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What would a 'Privacy Shield 2.0' mean for the fundamental rights of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic?

Join us on 17 November, 15h30-17h for a @GreensEFA hybrid event with experts @maxschrems @k_irion @ds_m4riano & @CaitrionaFitz

Registration ➡️

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Our Senedd CPG on discussed EU and digital post-Brexit in wake of new legislation. Thanks to all who came! @jimkillock @AdaLovelaceInst @ds_m4riano @walestuc

👇 Great article from our Secretariat @OpenRightsGroup and @mssophiaakram:

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In the I raised concerns about UK Gov plans to scrap GDPR to trade our data with US & other countries.

Any plans to get rid of must be replaced with a legal framework that matches or exceeds our protections, not weaken them.

Sharing a new report that I co-authored with colleagues Anna Williams and Dominique Barron for the Frontier Tech Hub/FCDO on Web3, the social shift to #decentralisation, and the need for #governance beyond the market.

@openrightsgroup You should follow these folks, they're doing very important work.

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“Compulsory ID Cards are wrong, ineffective, Orwellian, and thoroughly un-British.” - @jimkillock

Our immediate response to @SKinnock’s proposal 👇🏽

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