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⚡️⚡️We are raising funds for the VTOL DeltaQuad Pro UAV for air reconnaissance from the frontline of Ukraine, where anarchist comrades are fighting.

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The unit is made up of people who went to the frontlines as volunteers in February, in the first days of the fully-fledged war. At first, the unit was based in the Kharkiv region, and on the 1 June, it was redeployed to Donbas where the conditions are much tougher.

The unit members have found and, together with artillery, destroyed more than 40 pieces of the occupiers’ weaponry. The unit has also participated in liberating two settlements in the Kharkiv region: Ruska Lozova and Tsyrkuny 💪

Right now, the defenders of the Kharkiv region and Donbas are crowdfunding for an unmanned aircraft VTOL DeltaQuad Pro.

[] Игоря Банцера осудили на 15 суток ареста.
Сокамерник Игоря по Окрестина говорит, что на Банцера повесили 18 административных статей.

This morning they no longer "promised" and did not "walk with me in my native Lviv", no one “kissed my memories and promised hope without love”. Today, my cellie prophesies again a war this summer on the territory of Belarus. Today I am a political prisoner and I remember Vitold Ashurok, because to fight means to remember. Today is my 300th day of captivity".


Address for letters and postcards:

IK №2 (otryad 14). ulica Sikorskogo, 1, Bobrujsk, Belarus, 213800
Evgeny Aleхandrovich Rubashko

Write online using the form on the @abcbelarus website:

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Today I'm reading my first technical book in prison on the Ocaml language, along with Japanese folk tales and Ales Razanav's storypoems. Today I found out that I have a new book by Oksana Timofeeva with wishes written for me. Today we have 4 states: under occupation, in exile, in prison and at war. Today, again, it was an awkward and gratifying realization that I have a lot of support from the outside, which most of my cellmates cannot boast of. Today I feel close to many of you. It's so clear today, fluff and wasps are flying, and cigarette smoke and bars on the windows can't cope with the warm May air. Today I feel just as sad because of the terms given for article 328 (illegal transportation of substances). Today I started doing push-ups again and did not start smoking.

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Evgeny Rubashko: «Today is my 300th day in prison captivity»

Anarchist and political prisoner Evgeny Rubashko wrote this letter on May 25, his 300th day of incarceration. A month earlier he had been sentenced to 5 years in a penal colony for his views and beliefs.

"Today in the Mogilev prison, for the first time in this time, I ate ice cream and drank tomato juice. Today, as never before, I was surprised by the visit of a lawyer with news from loved ones, because it turned out to come faster than the first letter that has not reached here yet. Today I looked with my own eyes at last-summ Warsaw and at a selfie with my brother in Copenhagen. Today I found out that my code was included in the release of one of the openEngiadina projects.

[] 2 года назад в 'е каратели застрелили Геннадия Шутова.
Александр Кордюков, который был с Шутовым в вечер убийства, получил 10 лет колонии усиленного режима за «покушение на убийство». Самого Шутова признали виновным посмертно.

Мы ёсць і гэтага ў нас не адняць.
Мы ёсць, мы вашых дрэнных сноў прычына.
Мы ёсць, нас безліч, мы навокал вас.
Мы — максімальна сціснутая спружына.
(с) Стас Пачобут

[] Анархист Дима Дубовский не вышел из ШИЗО, куда был помещен на 10 суток в день своего 36-летия.

22 декабря 2022 года Дима приговорен к 18 годам лишения свободы.

[] Пересмотрел видео, которому сегодня ровно 2 года.
Эмоций - почти как 2 года назад.

[] Павел «Белка» Беланов вышел из СИЗО.
Его освободили «в связи с истечением сроков давности совершения преступления».

Он был вызван на допрос 29 мая 2022 года по делу о нанесению протестных граффити, где его заставили раздеться и в итоге задержли за татуировку «Лука, иди ты нахуй». Ему предъявили обвинение в оскорблении Лукашенко.

Обалдеть. У такой татуировки в Беларуси оказывается может быть срок давности. Кто бы мог подумать.

[] Lisa Badum, member of the German Bundestag for the Alliance 90/The Greens, has taken on the godparenthood of Alexander Belov and explains:

«Today marks the second anniversary of the rigged presidential election in .
Currently, more than 1200 innocent people are in political prison for standing up for freedom, democracy and the rule of law in their country. We members of the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group stand firmly by the side of the Belarusian democracy movement and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Belarus.
I personally have taken on a godparenthood of Alexander Belov. He is 25 years old and was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his political activism.

[] 9 августа, во вторую годовщину начала протестов, в Гомеле будут судить антифашистку Анну Пышник.
По версии обвинения, она сняла видео с перемещением военной техники и отправила его в «экстремистский» телеграм-канал. За это ей грозит до 6 лет.

[] Анархиста Игоря Олиневича собираются перевести на тюремный режим

8 августа будет суд по изменению режима и переводе Игоря в тюрьму. Дело будет рассматривать судья Мозырьского раёна Валентина Новикова.

Судя по всему на Банцера шьют политическую ст.130 УК РБ за деятельность в соц.сетях.

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[] Граффити-война российских : одни рисуют Z, другие ее перекрывают, но добавляют серп и молот 👀.
Неужели все те антифа, которые здорового человека, уже в тюрьмах или в эмиграции?(

[] Игорь Банцер снова задержан.
Выломали в квартире железные двери и увезли из в .

The lack of communication or the possibility of communication gives rise to petty irritating thoughts-doubts. Doubts that anyone is even interested in what I write and what is happening with me. Sometimes these thoughts slip through. I don't care about them, and they don't touch me. At least for now.
I believe in all of you there. And your greetings strengthen this faith. So far I was not disappointed in anything, and in sometimes I was even pleasantly surprised, I hope that everything will be fine in the future.
And even if I'm wrong, then in general I don't care.
Something like that. That's it. Until we meet again!"

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My days are pretty monotonous, although they pass in a flash. But it doesn’t bother me at all, because the main thing is to find something to do and so far I’m doing well with that. <...>

When we see each other, I won’t talk much about how I spent (and will spend) this time. Not that it's something terrible that you want to forget about. No! There is simply nothing interesting here, except for interesting people. So get ready to do all the talking ;) <...>

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Artyom Solovey from jail: "I believe in all of you there, and your greetings strengthen this faith"

Anarchist Artyom Solovey wrote in one of his letters from prison that he practically does not receive any news, and letters hardly reach him. He shares his reflections on the perception of reality and the monotony of days in prison:

"I'm worried about everyone. Especially with the start of this fucking war. <...>

If you think about it, everything that is outside is left for me in the same state as in the summer of 2021. Everything - relationships with people, knowledge about the outside world and the rest, which I am not able to put into words. Although new information comes, it is perceived somehow differently. Someone here said this phrase: "Time stops for you in the year in which you were detained." Well, enough about that.

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