We started mastodon @graeber. social when the Twitter exodus ended with a conformist consensus -- keep business as usual.
Someday sociologists will calculate percentages of boldness and conformity.
The reality, however, is that until we invent surprising ways to create spaces outside of commercial social media, they will control us.

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@abolisyonista This is a strange question. Of course, anyone.
Why do you ask this?

@abolisyonista why would we do that?
Unless we would want to build a secret society (that is an interesting thing to plan) everyone is welcome.

@nikadubrovsky hi, shouldn't your new server have an anti-oppression policy as a non-starter? I notice it doesn't have any rules

Yes, you are right.
The idea is to start with an Assembly and to come up with the rules collectively. Please, join us.

@nikadubrovsky but without a baseline anti-oppression policy, the space might be taken over by racists and set up racist rules?


I would be interested in this case to make a definition of what racism is.
Not because i think that there is a good kind and bad kind, but because I think that many things that consider being ok are actually not. And many obvious racists just don't understand what they are doing and why. In any case, I will make a conversation about it and only then make a rules.

@nikadubrovsky Maybe have a baseline anti-oppression policy? Having that will make the space safe enough for people to make rules as equals and as open collaborators.

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