We have achieved the ! Thanks to all of you who believed in this project! In the last 18 hours, we ask you again to share the news as much as possible: the more we are, the more we will be able to improve the components of the game!


There are only 7 days left until the launch of the campaign of our new board game: The Fully Automated Board Game!
A party game that aims to criticize the current and, in the near future, the working system in which workers risk being replaced by robots.
Today we present another star card of our game: the robot. This can either be built by the capitalist or be expropriated by the workers! This is why the double version ✊!
Follow us on our channels (link in bio) and subscribe to the Kickstarter pre-campaign to be among the first to grab a copy of our new game: bit.ly/3vFcKTc

We have already shown you a card from our new game. Today we continue the presentation with that of the role you will hate most: the capitalist. We decided to depict he/r holding the pen with which you will sign (physically in play) employment contracts with precarious conditions and low wages. On the other hand, there is the heart torn alive, a symbol of the ruthlessness that these players will have to show. Take advantage of the workers, buy robots and earn as much money as possible 🖊🤑🩸

On this day of struggle, in presenting The Fully Automated Board Game's worker card to you, we express all our solidarity with all !

The Fully Automated Board Game responds to only one imperative: FUCK WORK
The goal of the workers/players is one: to expropriate robots and get rid of wage labor

Please welcome the latest entry in our cultural arsenal: "Okupa tu també!" (EN: "Hey you, let's squat!") by Gall Negre :D

NEW BOARD GAME APPROACHING! On the 21st of March we'll launch the crowdfunding campaign for THE FULLY AUTOMATED BOARD GAME youtube.com/watch?v=l0GRZnXltQ

You know you're fighting the right cause when a CITY HALL tries to CENSOR your events. Full solidarity to our comrades at Gall Negre Jocs who are having trouble at presenting their new BOARD GAME. If you're around, see you at the presentation on Wednesday 😉

Place and time here: twitter.com/GallNegre.../statu

News about the censorship here:

Siamo ancora vivi, anche se non sembra. Stiamo preparando il giocone sul sindacalismo e sui robottoni. Con lentezza.

Siamo riusciti a recuperare l'account, orrore necessario 'sta tecnologia.

We're told that your last opportunity to opt out of the surveillance network known as Amazon Sidewalk is on June 8th. For best results, we recommend the tried and true method of smashing any Alexa or Echo devices you have with a hammer.

qualcuno ha avuto a che fare con il gruppo di leghisti+fasci chiamato "una voce nel silenzio"?
Si son infiltrati in un movimento e non sanno come sbarazzarsene...

Il 21 e 22 maggio 2021 ONLINE si svolgerà e-privacy 2021 summer edition.
Il tema guida della XXIX edizione di e-privacy è:
«Lasciateci la faccia»
L'identificazione ed controllo biometrico di massa sono incompatibili con una democrazia rispettosa dei diritti umani?



Signal vs police-grade shitware Cellebrite

"By a truly unbelievable coincidence, I was recently out for a walk when I saw a small package fall off a truck ahead of me." LOL

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