ITA-TL;DR: abbiamo posticipato l'inizio della campagna di crowdfunding. Approfitteremo del tempo per estendere il gioco a 3 e 4 giocatori (e, se ci arriviamo, pure a 2).

We have news, both good and bad.
The bad one is about a hard to take decision, that of postponing the crowdfunding campaign start date for The Fully Automated Board Game. We realized that conditions have not changed much since spring [...] A sociality, for many of us, also composed of RPG meetings, board games and various nerds stuff, but still social stuff. It therefore does not seem to us the luckiest time to propose a game that involves the presence of 5 to 10 players. And that brings us to the good news.
The party-game mode will be extended with the implementation of an anti-party game mechanism from 2 to 4 players!


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