At first her warmth felt good between my legs
Living breathing heart-beating flesh
But soon that warmth turned to an itch
Turned to a scratch
Turned to a gash
I break horses
I don't tend to them

in Action LP - Light Blue

Thelonious Monk, piano
Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone
Ahmed Abdul-Malik, bass
Roy Haynes, drums

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Esatto ha semplicemente demandato gli eventuali ban a livello di istanze, forse questo comportamento ha fatto storcere il naso a qualcuno... a me pare una scelta condivisibile.

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The Android-based Fedilab app’s free version initially blocked Gab because of Play Store content policy fears. But the ban has since been lifted. “I will simply not block instances with the app,” wrote Fedilab’s developer. “I clearly think that’s not my role … If you want a strong block, it’s in the hands of social network developers or your admins.”

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