चश्मा साफ़ करते करते आधी उम्र निकल गयी

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Trending Hate Against Muslims: Is Twitter Complicit?

Twitter claimed that it had ‘prevented’ the Hashtag while it had not.


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So, the SPG cover of Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have been removed.

They will only have Z+ security

With this move only Prime Minister Modi will have SPG cover #vendetta

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We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the mastodon.social team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

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I run an organisation in Kishanganj district of Bihar. Tired of trolls and hatemongers ,looking for saner and calmer voices . History and Sociology two other passions. #introduction #India

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Watch "Varun Grover से पूछा गया, Media को criticize करते हो मगर Sacred Games की गालियों और nudity को नहीं" on YouTube

Jiyo @Varungrover

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RT @ashlinpmathew@twitter.com

#Demonetisation This video is worth a million bucks.

Nothing else need to be said...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ashlinpmathew/stat

I hope Modifanboys and IT cell dont corrupt this space.

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