@smeedha Where can I get this?! I had a lotus biscoff cake from a French bakery in Dubai and that was the best thing I ever put in my mouth!

@Ezaz right? I am always on the lookout for biscoff anything. I found the cookies and the cookie butter recently at world market in the US, and of course, hoarding ensued. 😁

@smeedha Crap it's not available in Canada yet. There's one listing on Amazon but it'll cost me my monthly wage (29$ a jar) :blobugh:

@Ezaz yikes! That’s daylight robbery even for the food of gods. Time for a trip across the border...

@smeedha I'll order a container and get Canadians snorting on the stuff. I could make a fortune! If I don't devour it all myself though.

@Antanicus it is absolutely πŸ˜‹ don’t have a sweet tooth per se but This is an exception

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