Custodial murders and police brutality in India are rampant, particularly against caste and religious minorities. Cannot let the police get away with murder.

No boycott for hinese foods and products...😀😁😂

Especially proud of these patio roses. Mostly cos they’re alive despite me

Scholars & Experts: We should reassess our strategy and work on a measured yet firm response to the Chinese intrusion.

Atahwale: Fuck it, let's ban Chinese food.

Our government, ladies and gentlemen.

all these fruit fly types nose diving into my wine. What a way to go!

@ionhandshaker wow. I understand that it's not fun to wear the mask all the time, but no one is doing this 'for fun'.

Twenty Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were killed in action in the Galwan region of Ladakh

In an official statement, the Indian army said 17 Indian troops who were “were critically injured” succumbed “exposed to sub-zero temperatures”.

Heard yesterday from someone not wearing a mask. "i just don't believe in this whole coronavirus situation." 🤷🏾‍♀️

Happy republic day India, and happy birthday Angela Davis!

Nervously excited to share this publication on and IPV in the forthcoming issue of
Freely accessible for the next few weeks at:

Interesting and telling that we’re still asking this question in 2020. “where are the women in academia, and how do those who are there fare? “ powerful editorial in the International Journal of Constitutional Law

DIY abortions three times as prevalent in Texas as other states, study shows

Making abortion illegal does not stop abortions.
It only stops safe abortions.

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