La telefonata di lavoro urgente alle nove di sera

Io ve le buco 'ste droghe, altro che liberazione, una manica di tonti

Mastodon has such a wonderful, inclusive community. I'm so glad you've all accepted me despite the fact I single-handedly caused the 2008 financial crisis

Under capitalism, where competition/fighting reigns supreme, compassion/helping one another is a revolutionary act.

"Se tu esprimi una terza opinione
di fantasia
non sei legittimato
io non ti riconosco
ti stai zitto
questa è la lezione della democrazia"
cit. Luttwak

Un saluto al filosofo e compagno Gabriele di cui ricordiamo il potente "Dizionario dell'inconscio e dell'Autonomia"

More spawning from "Extinction Rebellion":

"Rebellion Rebellion" = fake militants; awkward useless pacifists
"Rebellion Extinction" = hoped for by not smart politicians - yet not by Intelligence Agencies
"Extinction Extinction" = end of a movement? maybe Eternal Life (Transhumans?)

So I made a thing.

The green on this graph shows where chlorophyll b absorbs (the type mostly used by plants). You can see it catches light in two places. Near 450nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and around 650nm (in the red).

The two lines show the wavelengths emitted by LED lights. Blue is cool white and red is warm white. Both have a spike in emission around chlorophyll's blue absorption and broad emission over the red absorption.

In other words, this is why houseplants like LED lighting!

We are inviting you to join us in talking about the ecological collapse, our emotional reactions to it & how we can take action. Another world is possible if we rise up and work together. Bring your friends, your fears and your ideas for a better future.

3 #CleanEnergy myths that can lead to a productive climate conversation

#Energy use is the biggest cause of #ClimateChange, and it’s the first place we should look for #solutions. It’s also a smart angle for talking about climate change, because it’s easy to find agreement on issues like improving energy efficiency, reducing #pollution, cleaning up our energy supply, and reducing #reliance on unstable foreign supplies.

@topofila è stato annunciato ufficialmente l'hackmeeting di quest'anno.

Just been sent a pic from the future. It seems to depict the next candidates to present Italian meta-right government

the evolution of the english language is truly beautiful

how to become a :
1. become a liberal
2. do nothing
3. endorse NFS ("nazi free speech")
6. do nothing
4. quote Voltaire
7. rub western constitutional rights all over your freemarketlogy
8. vote/do nothing

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