"Boycott China" stickers covered up with stickers for the anti-capitalist May 1 demonstration and an "antifa" sticker against racism, sexism, and (Canadian) colonialism

we do not disagree with the slogan "Free Hong Kong · Revolution Now"

therefore, we do not cover up these stickers

we disagree with this sticker, however. why display the Canadian maple leaf? it is not really a symbol of freedom, and those who understand it as such are deluding themselves

yes, "Fuck the CCP" (that is, the "Chinese Communist Party"), but the CCP is not responsible for problems that we face here


we often see these stickers in the vicinity of the anti-China and pro-Hong Kong stickers. we believe the same people may be behind all of them

Trudeau is a more relevant problem, but again, the maple leaf that replaces the vowel in this curse word indicates a poor understanding of the issues. Trudeau is an idiot, a dauphin, a racist, and several other bad things, but he is not the problem

the problem is with Canada, and with politicians, and with capitalism and colonialism writ large. These are bigger problems than one man

at the end of the day, we don't disagree with the slogan "Fuck Trudeau", so we leave these stickers. but the maple leaves we cannot tolerate

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