Do you have photos of the "china lied people died" graffiti that was up all over the neighborhood a few months ago?


no. But if someone has any photos, we will post them.


this stencil was bad because it was jingoistic, meaning: it wants war with China. We do not like, support, or trust the Chinese state. But we do not want war, and we certainly do not want ethnic cleansing directed at our neighbours of not only Chinese descent but, in practice, East Asian descent in general

China fucked up on covid first, just like every provincial, state, and federal government in North America has fucked up on covid multiple times since, in one way or the other. We don't care anymore. All of these governments, all over the world, are the problem. Governments act in the interests of the rich, anywhere you go

we need popular power, from the grassroots. Which means involving Chinese people and everyone else, not blaming, denouncing, or inciting violence against them as a group

it's a racist stencil, basically

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