(pt. 1)

our neighbourhood has recently been the near epicentre of the latest wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Montréal. In recent weeks, the streets of our neighbourhood, and other parts of the city, have been decorated with symbols of solidarity with the Palestinian side of the conflict between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

notable were these posters, from the Young Communist League. We appreciate the message. But we must note that these posters did not communicate anything useful to the reader, not even how to contact these communists, because the contact information was half-obscured on most posters we saw around the neighbourhood

we question how useful it is for these communists to put up posters like this

(pt. 2)

it is unclear what the word "communist" means anymore. It seems to evoke different things depending on your education, your country of origin, your attitude towards tradition and/or conventional authorities, etc.

most of the youth in the streets in Montréal recently, who have upheld the Palestinian cause in a way that occasionally involves putting their bodies on the line, do not call themselves communists. More of them probably call themselves anarchists than communists (although that is still not likely very many people)

the message of "Libérez la Palestine!" is good, and the facts are fine. But most people already know these things - and those who reject them are that much more likely to reject them in this case because these are now the words of "communists"

(pt. 3)

the operators of @squarebethune are not Young Communists, we are not part of their League. We do not hate them for being young and communist, either, but we disagree with their approach. We believe there are better ways to engage solidarily and strategically with the events in Palestine and/or the local pro-Palestinian movement

for instance, it is much more important to advance the conversation, and the masses' understanding of the issues, than to advertise that your particular group has an analysis that partisans of the popular movement already hold, but which opponents of the popular movement (including many Montréalers) will find difficult to digest

it is important, too, that the posters you put up should not be straightforward tools of recruitment into a membership organization


(pt. 4)

most of the YCL's posters are torn down now. the operators of this account haven't torn down any, despite our disagreement with their approach, because we agree with the central message: Palestine - that is, the Palestinian people subjugated by the Israeli state and the social order it defends - should be free

we prefer this simple sticker. We might not put it up ourselves, but we do not think it does any harm. We also appreciate that it is in English, the common language of this particular corner of downtown Montréal

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