this poster was spotted in the Milton-Parc neighbourhood, to the east of our area of concern. Black Hammer is an organization that has gained quite a reputation for itself on the internet. Here is an article covering most of the recent controversy:

we have never seen any other Black Hammer stuff in Montréal, but we think there is good reason to be skeptical of this organization. At the very least, we have to ask what a group whose stated medium-term political objective is to establish a base of operations in the mountains of Colorado has to offer anyone, "colonized person" or not, who is living in downtown Montréal?

we will boost any good critiques of Black Hammer that we see. Please send things our way

a sticker bearing the racist slogan "China Lied People Died" recently appeared next to a run-of-the-mill "Boycott China" sticker, partially covering up one of our posters

this slogan was widespread in our neighborhood - in the form of a spray-painted stencil, not a sticker - last year, probably as early as the summer of 2020

we posted an analysis on this topic already, see this thread:

both stickers in the photo have since been removed from public view

(pt. 4)

most of the YCL's posters are torn down now. the operators of this account haven't torn down any, despite our disagreement with their approach, because we agree with the central message: Palestine - that is, the Palestinian people subjugated by the Israeli state and the social order it defends - should be free

we prefer this simple sticker. We might not put it up ourselves, but we do not think it does any harm. We also appreciate that it is in English, the common language of this particular corner of downtown Montréal

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(pt. 1)

our neighbourhood has recently been the near epicentre of the latest wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Montréal. In recent weeks, the streets of our neighbourhood, and other parts of the city, have been decorated with symbols of solidarity with the Palestinian side of the conflict between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea

notable were these posters, from the Young Communist League. We appreciate the message. But we must note that these posters did not communicate anything useful to the reader, not even how to contact these communists, because the contact information was half-obscured on most posters we saw around the neighbourhood

we question how useful it is for these communists to put up posters like this

why does this critic think our third point is "bullshit"?

do they object to the notion that there is an "urgent need for social revolution here and now", or with the assertion that it is legitimate to denounce the Chinese state? or possibly both?

we encourage correspondence and substantive critiques, even from those who defend the local social order and those who believe that present-day China is a socialist utopia. We can be reached at

nos affiches sont collés dans le quartier. voyez pour plus d'infos

a few of our posters are up in the neighbourhood. check for more information

we often see these stickers in the vicinity of the anti-China and pro-Hong Kong stickers. we believe the same people may be behind all of them

Trudeau is a more relevant problem, but again, the maple leaf that replaces the vowel in this curse word indicates a poor understanding of the issues. Trudeau is an idiot, a dauphin, a racist, and several other bad things, but he is not the problem

the problem is with Canada, and with politicians, and with capitalism and colonialism writ large. These are bigger problems than one man

at the end of the day, we don't disagree with the slogan "Fuck Trudeau", so we leave these stickers. but the maple leaves we cannot tolerate

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yes, "Fuck the CCP" (that is, the "Chinese Communist Party"), but the CCP is not responsible for problems that we face here

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we disagree with this sticker, however. why display the Canadian maple leaf? it is not really a symbol of freedom, and those who understand it as such are deluding themselves

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we do not disagree with the slogan "Free Hong Kong · Revolution Now"

therefore, we do not cover up these stickers

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"Boycott China" stickers covered up with stickers for the anti-capitalist May 1 demonstration and an "antifa" sticker against racism, sexism, and (Canadian) colonialism


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