Twitter without the toxicity. NIICCCEEE!!!😁

@syddie Hello and welcome to

Here's a few things you might want to consider before posting and interacting with others on Bida:

1. this is a mostly Italian-speaking Mastodon instance
2. this is an openly anarchist instance
3. we DO NOT tolerate racism, sexism, homo/transphobia nor any other form of bigotry

If the above is fine by you, then feel free to stay. If not, then you will probably get a much better Mastodon experience by subscribing to other instances.

If that is your case, we suggest to use to find the Instance that better fits you, based on language, policies and user-base.

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Un'istanza mastodon antifascista prevalentemente italofona con base a Bologna - Manifesto - Cosa non si può fare qui

An antifa mostly-italian speaking mastodon istance based in Bologna - About us - What you can't do here

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