@sugarsnspice Been good. Head straight back to work after graduation. What about you? What's new

@silverlightgal I have no freakin clue. This is what I got. *Hides face*

Tusky for Android is such a brilliant Mastodon app. It's Birdsite without the drama ♥️

Leaving Bengaluru yet again. I miss the times Taz and Angie were here. It isnt the same city without those two monsters in it

@AparnnaHajirnis Not since I went in for my PG. 3 years. We need to catch up

Never understood people who claim that you're ceding space by leaving it. On the contrary, sane conversations need to make a comeback. Play the piper's tune, and the rats will follow. :0360:

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Nice people of Mastodon I am doing my MA in Sociology from Mumbai University, can someone please direct me to notes/books/reference material for the same. Thanks.

Twitter without the toxicity. NIICCCEEE!!!😁

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