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is an aggregator and reader. It allows you to read and follow several news websites at a glance without the need to browse from one website to another.
- self-hosted, you have *your* news site
- integrates many news sources into a single website
- open source and free
- fully responsive for mobile
- no ads at all

Ask HN: Can we create a new internet where search engines are irrelevant? -

Se volete provare a capire cosa significa ritrovarsi da un giorno all’ altro con una malattia invalidante, guardate UNREST di jennifer brea, su .

Io ho avuto diverse volte le lacrime agli occhi, perché esprime spesso quello che provo con le parole che non ho mai trovato.

According to Mark “dumb fucks” #zuckerberg the future of #facebook "is #privacy ..." (ah, so I'm sure #libra won't log any payment details to #fb servers) ;-)
Of course my password manager is #freesw and locally hosted. Sadly, "the cloud" hype tricked many people into sending their passwords to other people's servers, sometimes in another country/ies where secret NSLs exist.
No, #Google does not keep data private. It asks everyone to give it data and then shares that with the US military/government. This is misleading a narrative, albeit a very common one.
It's even worse because not only can the #NSA alter code in #GitHub but it also gets a list of holes before they get patched.

The ENIAC Programmers: how women invented modern programming and were then written out of the history books

#1yrago Employees who practice mindfulness meditation are less motivated, having realized the futility of their jobs

#1yrago Hi rez images from NASA's 1967/8 Lunar Orbiters were withheld to hide US spying capabilities

The US has attacked Venezuela's electrical grid, and is now targeting Russia.

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