WTF?! My non-rooted phone had #Google Maps pre-installed, but I only use #OSMand for navigation etc.

Yesterday, I walked to a local restaurant, without using my phone, and had lunch there before walking back.

I never opened #GoogleMaps.

Today, I find a notification from Maps:
How was {restaurant name}?
Rate places to get smarter recommendations.

So it tracked and calculated where I ate without even opening my phone or the app.

Definitely time for #Pinephone / #LibreM

#privacy #Android

@tuttifruttihat @Blort I have a lineage os 16 with gapps installed and a g*****e account, but... I turned on the lineage privacy thing for system applications which means it can protect me from g*****e play services. From times to times I see a popup of it asking to record audio, video or get the GPS and I say NO. There's an old phone which I want to test microG instead of gapps. I'll toot the results


That's awesome that you can get Lineage to ask before a system app uses location/audio/camera etc. I've always wanted that feature! Time to look into whether Lineage will run on my latest phone...


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