" was an city for over a thousand years. In 1948, in Jerusalem were subjected to a total and complete ethnic , and not a single Palestinian was allowed to remain in the city. Jerusalem then became the capital city of the state of and the street names, which used to catalog the long and magnificent Arab history of the city, were changed."


"That was precisely what the of the Two State Solution was set to do. To allow liberal to support the crimes of Zionism and the creation of a state in while still feeling good about themselves."

"The idea that the Two Solution would give “a country of their own,” is puzzling. Palestinians have a country of their own, it is Palestine. According to historian Nur Masalha, it has been Palestine for thousands of years before the establishment of the state on May 15, 1948."

"Without structural, systemic, deeply ingrained , would not exist. Furthermore, without this white supremacist attitude, no Israeli would be able to push the button that releases the which then burn and rip children in Gaza to shreds. No would be able to pull the trigger and kill and maim Palestinians. It is an essential part of education."

"Recognizing that Palestinians have rights within a construct is a symptom of Zionist supremacy. This racism is what allows a family to drive by children and treat them like in a safari. It is how the state of is able to continue the Naqba, the systemic, catastrophic destruction of Palestine and its people for close to one hundred years."

@tuttifruttihat Para tratar com o sionismo, ou melhor dizendo, com o JUDAÍSMO, é preciso muito conhecimento e ter uma mente aberta. A incapacidade da maioria dos GOYIM em perceber a capacidade de engano deles me induz a crer, infelizmente, que talvez o absurdo de se autodenomirarem "o povo escolhido por Deus"não seja de todo injustificado.


@tuttifruttihat Associar este câncer MUNDIAL com uma frase de própria autoria (supremacia branca) é realmente uma ofensa sem tamanho e, para ser sincero, incomentável.

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