" and President cannot be forgiven for having fought back against the Harvard Boys’ “reforms.” That is why U.S. officials planned how to create Russian disruption to (they hope) orchestrate a “color revolution” to recapture Russia for the world’s camp. That is the character of the “democracy” and “free markets” being juxtaposed to the “autocracy” of state-subsidized growth. "



"The only lasting leverage a nation can offer in today’s world is and transfer. has more of this to offer than the United States. Yet the only to renewed spending is coming from right-wing parties and the German party. Europe’s Social Democratic, Socialist and Labour parties share American ideology."

"The footprint of , arms manufacturing and military bases is strikingly absent from today’s discussion about global and the need to cut back on carbon emissions. The German party that calls itself is leading the campaign for sanctions against importing Russian oil and , which electric utilities are replacing with Polish and even German lignite. Coal is becoming the “fuel of the future.” Its price also is soaring in the United States, benefitting American coal companies."

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