this new bike I bought used takes the sunday stroll to a whole new level of fun and speed. me being the same usual mediocre athlete 😄
35km/h on gravel roads feels insane!

A of produced only via open source data and software: OpenStreetMap, OSMNX, PrettyMaps, etc etc etc

yesterday I went back to after using for several years. it's nice to change the setup every now and then.

Sono parecchio contro qualsiasi animale in gabbia, ma i pesci e la vasca me li hanno regalati... comunque per ora sembrano apprezzare lo scenario

Come on! These guys really think that an alien lifeform should be able to decode crazy stuff like this...
I mean, we cannot communicate with dolphins or whales and we want to use this crap with generic intelligent lifeforms?

Today important improvements to SuperSDR.
Get it fresh from the dev branch on

with a little high pass filtering the signal is much more visible

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I feel like a broken record, but the explosion passed again last night over the Mediterranean and, although softened, it's still well recognizable!
You can see all three events on the plot.

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