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Beautiful "restomod" of a '96 Marin Stinson by oldshovel.

Those Surly Corner Bars are very intriguing.



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tim hunkin's secret life of componets 

I made my way through his secret life of components series. I can tell it's something I'm going to enjoy revisiting again and again. So much great information, but just watching him mess around with all sorts of stuff has been incredibly inspiring, too.

The series: youtube.com/watch?v=6JAgXz6xO0

@neauoire Sorry to read about your problem. Did you understand exactly why it happened?

@xiroux I liked it, but the first one was much more self-contained. The last one was a bit too much convoluted. I mean, without Natasha Lyonne it would have been very difficult to maintain a decent level 😄

this new bike I bought used takes the sunday stroll to a whole new level of fun and speed. me being the same usual mediocre athlete 😄
35km/h on gravel roads feels insane!

@neauoire looks like a Walden-like place, but without Thoreau. Cool!

@Yaku uno dei miei preferiti è "fil di ferro bucato" per riferirsi a un tubicino di metallo

A of produced only via open source data and software: OpenStreetMap, OSMNX, PrettyMaps, etc etc etc

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