@yngmar I think that in Italy electrical and plumbing standards are higher than what I've seen in France and Germany. But Sicily may be an exception...

@icastico in effetti prima che qualcuno imponga il Musktime, sarebbe meglio una soluzione condivisa dalle amministrazioni

@yngmar "hot and brief, scratch up the contacts with a knife first" Exactly! For several kinds of soldering it's better to use a powerful soldering gun for an instant than a 15W for several seconds.

@SmilaBlomma io non ho mai capito le regole, ogni volta che paro quel libretto mi fa venire in nervi, sembra scritto da un contabile maledetto. quindi anche noi ci inventiamo le regole, ma sono MOLTO più restrittive delle vostre 😄

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@eliocamp that's why M$ is investing so many billions on it. google search is already dead. 😄

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Yasutomo Oka, dipinto ad olio. Iperrealismo nell'arte giapponese

An old friend of mine is building an amazing 100W tube guitar amplifier. My ears are still bleeding! 😄
He will release it under CC and sell the prefab boards.

This weekend I fixed the CAT interface of my radio (Kenwood TS-940), it was a couple of connectors with defective contacts (the white ones in the pic).
Then I connected to the PC via a USB to RS232 adapter and all was OK.
Then I tried to use my laptops and my Raspberry Pi 3: no luck with exactly the same Linux kernel.

So I turned on the oscilloscope to check the signals on the serial: as soon as I connected the probes the CAT worked. WTF?

The chinese adapter I was using didn't have the USB ground and the serial ground connected... How many hours did I lose? Fsck.

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