I exported all my datas, uninstalled the Google Play app, reinstalled from @fdroidorg, imported my datas back and in a second all my accounts were back and perfectly working! That's amazing!,

Thank you a lot to force me to switch, I also replaced many of my proprietary apps with FOSS alternatives and I'm fully satisfied! And thanks to community for this great tool!


Well then, welcome to the dark side Luke!

Now that you've made a concerted effort to use and install from the F-DROID repo, try installing G-Droid, and here's a tip... You can leave reviews for software on G-DROID using your Mastodon client (i.e., Fedilab).

You can haz #cheezburgerz! 🍔

@fdroidorg @tom79

Doesn't fdroid happily update any apps it recognises anyway, presumably preserving the data?
@fdroidorg @tom79

@dheadshot @zeppe @fdroidorg @tom79 it's not signed with the same key, so no it wouldn't update

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