“Around 80% of fruit companies in Almería are breaking the law,” says José García Cuevas, a Soc-Sat union leader. The union says that across the region, widespread fraud is being perpetrated on the farm workers. “People will work 25 days but their employers will only count 10,” he says. “Or when you look at the payslips, it says €58 a day, which is minimum wage but that’s not what the worker is receiving.” He says that according to figures from the General Union of Workers, workers lose out on up to €50m of wages every year."


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Day ~14 or so using NextCloud. It works really well! I'm always pleasantly surprised when some open-source software is both easy to administer and easy to use.

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"Capo ha dieci euro,
io una monetina,
ecco perché cago
a lavoro di mattina."


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@Antanicus @OCRbot
sadly to be expected.

these institutions consdier themselves above the people in the "hierarchy"

violence only travels down in this system, so any threat to them from "below" will be dealt with in any way possible.

they do not care how it appears if they can get away with it.

it will take more than the legal system to fix this mess

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“[W]hat these people are doing is privately governing us, and they have no humility about the limitations of their worldview.”

RT @AnandWrites
The joke and tragedy of Silicon Valley is that some of the most socially unintelligent men on earth ended up in charge of remaking social interaction.


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Anarchy, today, is attack; it is war against every authority, every power, every state. In the future society, anarchy will be defence, the prevention of the re-establishment of any authority, any power, any state.
-- Carlo Cafiero

#anarchism #quote #bot

In case you were wondering what will happen after Trump loses in November...

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Avevo letto "MANNAGGIARE materia umida"


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@positiva esatto, perché dobbiamo salvare la nostra bella democrazia e la nostra bellissima costituzione diomerda.

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gonna write a kind of glossary of uncomfortable truths

- that time you almost died isn't actually that interesting
- your idiolect is getting on people's nerves
- if you were born and raised in the city you'd probably fail miserable at establishing a commune or literally anything on the countryside
- your girlfriend left you because you suck at communication

[to be continued]

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@Antanicus "sono una povera vecchia con solo 25 immobili da affittare, mi devo pur tutelare"

Chiamo per chiedere di un appartamento. Risponde donna con voce da vecchia rompicazzo. Neanche il tempo di chiedere quando posso venire a vedere i locali e mi sento chiedere "ma lei lavora? Dipendente pubblico?"

Abbiamo già detto padroni di casa merda?

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[ 🇯🇵 Japan, VI century, early Asuka era ]

+ Hey man-san, let's invent a game with fat people fighting!
- Ooooh hell yeah, buddy-san! :cannabis:

And that's how started.

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@positiva @Antanicus noi non siamo coltivatori, siamo i semi del futuro

"For many, farming is emerging as a solution. “Suddenly I meet a lot of people who are growing on their balconies and in their backyards. I feel very hopeful about this,” Corinne Jabbour, a permaculture designer, says.

Initiatives promoting farming have multiplied. Food banks offer seedlings, volunteers teach sustainable farming and social media groups share advice. Groups of friends or neighbours have taken to farming."


cc. @holon quella comune si rende ogni giorno più urgente

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