OK folks this is serious... I updated to 16 and now the phone keeps telling me I have no SIM card... Is there a fix for this?

Model: Samsung a5y17lte
Flash metod: manually from TWRP (adb sideload would hang forever)

Any help will be very appreciated (I'm doing my research in the meantime!)

Boost please!

OK phone is ready for the landfill, no amount of re-flashing appears to be working (now it won't even unlock after PIN input).

And the best part is that 14.1 images are impossible to find because the folks at Lineage thought it wise to NOT archive anything.


UPDATE: an unknown hero packaged a TWRP-flashable version of both the modem firmware and bootloader and now I have my SIM card back.

If you own a a5y17lte and lost both and baseband after updating to 16 feel free to reach out to me, I'll be glad to share what I learned.

UPDATE 2: I also found a flashable zip that installs as a system app without a hitch. Feel free to ask if you are finding it hard to peoperly set up geolocation on your device

@cirku17 I'm trying this now... Can't believe the folks at lineage OS fucked up something so important... I will need to downgrade the whole thing if this doesn't work

Not an expert, and it can be a lot of things. Years ago I had to (temporarily) turn off selinux on a Nexus 7 with the same problem. Try a "setenforce 0" from a root shell, if you have rooted it.

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